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Hayom Yom

Hayom-Yom for 30, Nissan

29 Nisan, 5777 - April 25, 20171 Iyyar, 5777 - April 27, 2017

Hayom Yom was written by the Lubavitcher Rebbe in 5703 (1942-43).
In this box we have listed the Torah Lessons for this year.
The Torah Lessons below in the text are as they were in the original edition.
Wednesday, 30 Nisan, 5777 - April 26, 2017
15th day of the Omer
Torah Lessons
Chumash: Sazria-Metzora, 4th portion (Lev. 13:55-14:20) with Rashi.
Tehillim: 145-150
Tanya: English text / Audio / MP3
     3 chapters: Hebrew / Audio / MP3,
     1 chapter: Hebrew / Audio / MP3,
     Sefer Hamitzvos: English / Audio / MP3

Wednesday Nissan 30, Rosh Chodesh 5703, 15th day of the Omer **
Torah Lessons
Chumash: K'doshim, Revi'i with Rashi.
Tehillim: 145-150.
Tanya: Even if it (p. 235)...blessed be He. (p. 235).

The following Farbrengens should take place in shul:

  • The Farbrengen of S'uda Shlishit, [1] of Shabbat M'varchim, [2] and of holidays (such as Rosh Chodesh and festive days [3] of Anash) [4]

  • The Farbrengen of Melava Malka [5] should be held in the private homes of Anash.



  1. (Back to text) The third Shabbat meal.

  2. (Back to text) The Shabbat on which the coming month is blessed.

  3. (Back to text) Such as Chassidic festivals - Yud-tess Kislev, Yud-beis Tamuz, Yud Kislev, Yud Sh'vat, Yud-Alef Nissan, Hay Tevet, Rosh Chodesh Kislev, etc.

  4. (Back to text) Members of the Lubavitch community.

  5. (Back to text) "Escorting the Shabbat Queen"; the Saturday night festive meal.

Week three - Tiferet

Tiferet - compassion - blends and harmonizes the free outpouring love of chesed with the discipline of gevurah. Tiferet possesses this power by introducing a third dimension - the dimension of truth, which is neither love or discipline and therefore can integrate the two.

Truth is accessed through selflessness: rising above your ego and your predispositions, enables you to realize truth. A clear and objective picture of yours and others needs. The imbalance of love and discipline (and for that matter, any distortion) is a result of a subjective, hence limited perspective; introducing truth, by suspending personal prejudices, allows you to express your feelings (including the synthesis of chesed and gevurah) in the healthiest manner.

This quality gives tiferet its name, which means beauty: it blends the differing colors of love and discipline, and this harmony makes it beautiful. For tiferet to be complete it needs the inclusion of the following seven facets: love of compassion, discipline of compassion, compassion of compassion, endurance of compassion, humility of compassion, bonding of compassion and sovereignty of compassion.

Day one of week 3 (15th day of Omer)

Chesed of tiferet

Examine the love aspect of compassion.

Ask yourself: Is my compassion tender and loving or does it come across as pity? Is my sympathy condescending and patronizing? Even if my intention is otherwise, do others perceive it as such? Does my compassion overflow with love and warmth; is it expressed with enthusiasm, or is it static and lifeless?

Exercise for the day: When helping someone extend yourself in the fullest way; offer a smile or a loving gesture.

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